1. Near or far, life or love. Dream comes true via HIY.

  2. Why not taste a dream?

  3. Let your indulgence take me away; let your love set me free.

  4. You never know what you're gonna get.

  5. Love can't wait, Chocó never late!

  6. One chocolate, one couple!

  7. She hates those wines. She hates those flowers. She hates those diamonds and all those flatteries. But she kisses me like a four-year-old. xxx chocolate.

  8. Worth gaining weight.

  9. Like a party in your mouth.

  10. My heart melts in the warmth of your presence. It doesn't.

  11. Hello, sunshine.

  12. Bother to get a map?

  13. You just make me get lost in your eyes.

  14. Sweetie, you make my life sweet.

  15. Let her melt in your mouth.

  16. My heart was as sweet as chocolate when you came into my life.

  17. Life is the flower for which chocolate is the honey.

  18. One bite to feel how sweet and strong our love is.

  19. Sharing happiness and suffering together, we both understand sweet and bitterness.

  20. Take one bar, be my heart.

  21. To Choose the right person, COllect beautiful memories, using chocolate is never LATE.

  22. Love is how you feel it, smooth and savory.

  23. Choose Charlotte's chocolate, charm and cheer never come late !

  24. Share the moments of your life.


  1. Sweet-smelling milk as silk tasting.

  2. A smooth, silky taste with a hint of milk。


  4. Taste its strong atmosphere of milk,just like silk fly around you。

  5. Small stature big flavor

  6. Lindt & Sprüngli:a chocolate dream com#e true

  7. GUYLIAN: the world`s favorite belgian chocolates

  8. Lindt & Sprüngli:a chocolate dream come true

  9. it`s better when there`s more DOVE to love


  11. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand

  12. Have a break, have a Kit Kat.

  13. Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town

  14. Share the secret of gold

  15. golden heritage for golden moments

  16. GUYLIAN: the world`s favorite belgian chocolates

  17. Dove chocolate heart with heart pleasure pleasure silky pleasure anytime, anywhere to enjoy the heart with the pleasure of anytime, anywhere to find new Dove more silky feel more pleasant surprise

  18. Milk fragrant, silky feel - Dove chocolate

  19. You are the happiness of my life

  20. Discovery of new Dove pleasant heart surprise

  21. So pleasant heartbeat at your fingertips


  1. There is a wonderful heart inside it

  2. You really have the best identification power of the British Royal cany company

  3. Each box is full of happiness. Rescue Chocolate

  4. If she is still cold and cold, and may wish to send a box of savior chocolate try. Rescue the chocolate is only soluble in the mouth, insoluble in the hand. M & M's chocolate candy

  5. Will the next payday be? Pay-day brownies

  6. Is not just sweet ... Nestle chocolate

  7. Make life more delicious! Nestle chocolate

  8. "Nestle" resident in your heart. Nestle chocolate

  9. The most delicious British old-fashioned chocolate. British Candleberry food company

  10. Give a friend a box of friends ----- chocolate chocolate you will soon understand why people call it "friendly messenger." Friend brand chocolate

  11. Accompanied by the beloved people, as well as the Emperor ... ... Jindi chocolate

  12. tablets mellow and delicious, always accompanied by health! Shanghai Amy think chocolate

  13. Heart of the transmission, do in Amy! Shanghai Amy chocolate

  14. Milk-rich farmers, silky feel ---- Dove Chocolate. British Dove chocolate

  15. In the world of communication, only music and chocolate are not limited by the language.Japanese music chocolate candy Chocolate: taste of the tip, the praise of the young announcer. Japan's Meiji chocolate

  16. The wise man treats the friend the top grade. Swiss chocolate company

  17. Only soluble in the mouth, do not dissolve in the hand. Swiss chocolate company

  18. Chocolate with the Alps. Swiss Chocolate Company

  19. The Royal Sweets Company

  20. Taste its strong atmosphere of milk,just like silk fly around you。

  21. Impossible is nothing(adidas)

  22. Nothing can come of Nothing.