Iron Man


  1. Tony Stark : [ reading the newspaper ] Ironman? That's kinda catchy.

  托尼斯塔克 ( 读报纸 ): 叫钢铁侠? 比较容易记吧.

  2. The Hollywood premiere of Iron Man last year was a glittering affair.

  《钢铁侠IronMan)去年在好莱坞(Hollywood) 的首映式是一场耀眼的盛会.

  3. I would almost blasphemous by saying it's better than Iron Man but I don't know.



  "Iron Man" is Marvel's latest animation action movie series. Story master Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. played) was born in a wealthy New York family, small clothes to food to mouth his hand did not like all the dude is so fun nonsense only know Iron Man stills (20 Zhang).

  Stark natural intelligence, it was a surprisingly talented 17-year-old graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and successfully found the results impressive their social positioning - the family business, "Stark arms company" new boss. Death of their parents would be more inspired Tony career forward momentum. Age of 21, began to control tens of billions of property, he gradually established Stark Company as the first U.S. supplier of the strong position of the arms.

  However, the character of Tony and the arrogance to achieve the purpose for their unscrupulous practices are often hosts to many problems. Fortunately, his side also has a smart, sexy female assistant Virginia subwavelength Heights (Gwyneth Paltrow played) at all times to their meticulous care and help.But soon after the first kidnapping incident completely changed the life of Tony Stark. When Tony led the group of men and military observers to the boundary in the deserted their newly developed test results, the unexpectedly encountered a group of extremely aggressive terrorists.

  Ultimately, the confusion was hit by shrapnel in the heart of Tony woke up and found a strange chest more devices, it is this instrument to maintain his own life. Is the same as the original British hostage Sen Boshi electromagnet with a car suck the shrapnel in his body, saved the life of Tony Stark, of course, save his terrorists will not be the only pure natural grasp The weapons design expert, but whose name has long been intentional Mu.

  Thus, the terrorists began to both soft and hard, Tony Stark requires them greater power to create weapons. Heroes do not eat immediate loss, the wise Stark will not sit still. So he used the help of the British Sen rough terrorists provide equipment and raw materials, in the dark underground base, create a piece for their own survival and fusion energy fusion energy driven by the steel armor, with a strong fighting ability .

  Rush them with the terrorists, the British Sen Boshi to gain time for the Stark was killed, but to escape Tony changed his arms to create the idea of saving the world.So he improved steel armor, create another piece of fusion energy, a real Iron Man.俄巴迪亚斯坦 (Jeff Bridges played) Stark of the rich and the coveted long-life bad guy himself, in the Stark waves arms companies in Daxing, a secret deal with the terrorist leader. Stark escape from the hands of terrorist bases get damaged when a group of armor debris and help scientists to win the Tony for fusion energy will be the "iron" used in the armor to improve himself. So far the number one villain in the story finally has reason to do whatever they want and confidence.Tony can only rely on the old heart of electromagnets fight with Stan. The most Houbo Ci arc started all energy, will be defeated Stan. In a news conference the next day, Tony said: "I am Iron Man."





  于是,他改进了钢铁盔甲,制造了另一块聚变能源,成为真正的钢铁侠。 俄巴迪亚·斯坦(杰夫·布里奇斯饰)这个觊觎斯塔克的富豪生活已久的坏家伙按捺不住,在斯塔克军火公司里大兴波澜,与恐怖分子头目秘密交易。从其手中获得斯塔克逃出恐怖分子基地时所损坏的盔甲残骸并在一班科学家的帮助下,夺取了托尼的聚变能源将“钢铁”盔甲改进用在了自己身上。至此故事中的头号坏蛋终于有了为所欲为的理由和底气。 托尼只能靠着老的电磁石心脏同斯坦战斗。最后波茨启动了电弧的所有能源,将斯坦打败。在第二天的新闻发布会上,托尼宣布:" I am Iron Man." (我是钢铁侠)!