Ⅰ 用适当形式填空.

  1. He __________ back a month ago. (come)

  2. My mother often tells me __________ in bed. (not read)

  3. I must take it back the day after tomorrow. You can only __________ it for 24 hours. (keep)

  4. Why have you kept me __________ here for so long a time? (wait)

  5. Please come to our meeting if you __________ free tomorrow. (be)

  6. She __________ to the Great Wall several times. (go)

  7. In his letter, he said that he __________ us very much. (miss)

  8. The film __________ for nearly fifteen minutes when I got to the cinema. (be)

  9. He said he became __________ in physics. (interest)

  10. This film is worth __________. (see)

  11. He went to school instead of __________ home. (go)

  12. In the old days it was difficult for the poor to __________ a job. ( find)

  13. It's cold outside, so you'd better __________ your coat. (put on)

  14. He is hungry. Please give him something __________. (eat)

  15. Please don't waste time __________ TV every evening. You should word hard at English. (watch)

  16. We found the window __________. (break)

  17. You have dropped your pencil. __________. (拾起它)

  18. Mother often tells me __________ too late. (not come home)

  19. You had better __________ by bus, or you will be late. (go)

  20. I will __________ Li Ming the good news as soon as I see him.( tell)

  21. Great changes __________ in our country since 1978. (take place)

  22. I __________ my daughter since last month. (hear from)

  23. It __________ me two days to write the article. (took)

  24. Don't touch that __________ child. (sleep)

  25. Every time he tried to start the car, the wheels __________ deepersintosthe mud. (sink)

  26. When I got home, I found that my room __________ breaksintosand a lot of things __________. (steal)

  27. If I had arrived there earlier, I __________ him. (meet)

  28. I didn't remember __________ her the book before. (give)

  29. He called at every door, __________ people the exciting news. (tell)

  30. Yesterday Mary couldn't finish her homework, so she has to go on __________ it this afternoon. (do)