Let me try.

  Let's do it.

  Let me go and look for it.


  a. Don't disturb him.

  b. Let's not disturb him.




  Let Robert take charge of the marketing department.

  Let her join our choir.



  Let him try and he will expose his inability to work on his own.

  Let the invaders come and our armed forces will wipe them out in no time.


  1)let的否定句有二。如果宾语是第三人称用“Don't let...”;如果宾语是第一人称,则用“Let......not ”。如:

  Don't let this type of things happen again.

  It's raining now. Let's not go out until after the rain.

  2)let只适用于现在时态,可以有被动语态 (the passive voice)。如:

  Let the recalcitrant criminals be sent to prison.

  Let all the dedicated capable staff be promoted.

  3)let后头除了是不带“t”o的不定式动词之外,还可以是某些适当的副词,如out, in, down, alone等。如:

  Let the puppy out.

  Open the windows and let the fresh air in.

  The room is too sunny. Let the blinds down.

  Let me alone, please.

  4)用“Let's”时,把谈话者的对象包括在内;用“Let us”时,并不包括对方。如:

  Let's try it, shall we?

  Let us do it by ourselves, will you?


  Let's have a look. 让我看一下。

  Let's take a taxi! 让我们坐出租车吧!

  Let's give you a hand. 让我帮助你。

  Let's paint it ourselves. 我们自己来刷漆。

  Let's take a taxi, shall we? 我们坐出租车好吗?

  Let's start now and work till dark. 让我们现在开始工作一直到天黑。

  Let's go shopping now. The shops will be / should be fairly empty. 我们去商店买东西吧。商店里人不会太多。

  Let me fix you a drink. 我给你去弄点饮料。

  Let me have a try. 我来试一试。

  Let me show you how to do it. 我来告诉你怎样做。

  Let me pay for myself. 让我自己来付我的那份钱。

  Let me have another cup of tea. 给我再来一杯茶。

  Let me know if you should hear some more news. 万一你听到更多消息你要通知我。


  1) Let's 开头的祈使句 如: Let's say it in English .

  2) 动词原形开头的祈使句. 如: Listen to the teacher .

  3) 以 Please 开头的祈使句 如: Please take a message for him.

  4)Never copy your classmates’ homework.

  5)带呼语的祈使句,如: Mary, come down here ! (对mary 讲话,而不带呼语的且以动词原形开头的祈使句则对第二人称讲话) No Let’s Do Don’t Be Stop Have Never


  1.Please wait for me. ___________walk so fast.  2._________quiet, please.

  3._________ sit straight.  4._________ go shopping now.

  5.__________spitting.  6.__________ talking, class begins.

  7.__________ a good time!  8.__________ talk to your mum like that!


  1. Let’s go,____________? 2. Don’t make such noise, _____________?

  3. Teacher, let us go out to play,_____________? 4. Let’s go together, ____________?

  5. Let each man decide for himself, _____________? 6. Let us go together, _____________?

  7. Come and join us, ____________? 8. Don’t fight with others, ___________?


  1.咱们一起玩吧! ______________________________


  3.回答这个问题. ______________________________

  4. 别那么写!______________________________

  5.告诉我你的名字! ______________________________

  6. 一定要勇敢! _______________________________

  7. 来加入我们吧!______________________________

  8. 别浪费时间!______________________________

  9. 我们周日去游泳吧!______________________________

  10. 禁止吸烟!______________________________