( )1. ________ month of the year is May.

  A. Two B. The second

  C. Five D. The fifth

  ( )2. –Jack, I want to go to ________ to see a dentist. Could you tell me the address?

  --No problem.

  A. Room 606 B. No. 2 Hospital

  C. Fifth Avenue

  ( )3. It’s never too old to learn. Karl Marx began to learn English in his _____.

  A. the fiftieth B. fiftieth

  C. fifty D. fifties

  ( )4. On June 2nd this year, ______ people celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival near the Songhua River. To our joy, there was little rubbish left.

  A. thousands of B. thousand

  C. two thousands D. thousand of

  ( )5. Christmas Day is on _____ of December.

  A. twenty-five B. the twenty-five

  C. twenty-fifth D. the twenty-fifth

  ( )6. Alice felt happy to receive some gifts on _______ birthday.

  A. twelve B. twelfth

  C. the twelfth D. next

  ( )7. Please turn to Page _______ and read the ________ story.

  A. Ten, two B. Ten, second

  C. Tenth, second D. Tenth, two

  ( )8. –How long is the bridge? --It’s ________.

  A. 300-meter-long

  B. 300-meters-long

  C. 300 meters long

  D. 300 meter long

  ( )9. –Where is Class ______? --It’s on the _______ floor.

  A. Six, third B. Sixth, third

  C. Six, three D. Sixth, three

  ( )10. Doris lives on the _______ floor. It’s too high, so she has to take a lift every day.

  A. four B. fourth

  C. forty D. fortieth

  ( )11. –What should we do now, Mr. Clark?

  --Please turn to Page ________ and look at the _______ picture.

  A. Twelve, fifth B. Twelfth, fifth

  C. Twelve, five D. Twelfth, five

  ( )12. Mother’s Day is on the ______ Sunday in May every year.

  A. two B. second

  C. six D. sixth

  ( )13. --_______ of volunteers will be needed for 2014 International Horticulture Exposition in Qingdao. --Let’s go and ________ them.

  A. Thousands, join

  B. Thousand, be a member of

  C. Three thousand, take part in

  D. Thousands, be in

  ( )14. It is the boy’s ________ birthday today. He is five years old now.

  A. fifteen B. fifth

  C. five D. the fifth

  ( )15. They are the students of _______.

  A. grade 7 B. Grade 7

  C. 7th grade D. Grade 7th

  ( )16. –How was your weekend?

  --Great! It was my grandfather’s _______ birthday. We enjoyed ourselves.

  A. seventy B. seventieth

  C. the seventieth D. seventeenth

  ( )17. It is said that ________ young people may lose their abilities to hear after five years if they listen to MP4 players which are too loud for more than five hours a week.

  A. thousand of

  B. six thousands

  C. thousands of

  ( )18. It is reported that people throw _______ plastic bags along this street every day.

  A. hundred B. hundreds

  C. hundred of D. hundreds of

  ( )19. Some scientists think it will take ____ of years to make robots do most work for humans.

  A. hundreds B. hundred C. thousand

  ( )20. Did you know that the Earth is home to _______ animals?

  A. million B. millions

  C. million of D. millions of

  ( )21. The teacher said that _______ of the boys would take part in the talent show.

  A. three five B. three fives

  C. thirds fifths D. three fifths

  ( )22. After the Asian Games, _______ people came to Guangzhou for a visit during holidays.

  A. thousand B. thousands of

  C. five thousands D. five thousand of

  ( )23. Nowadays ______ of business letters are written in English.

  A. two third B. two thirds

  C. two three D. second three

  ( )24. Tom will sell _______ stamps to help the poor children in the west of China.

  A. thousand of B. two thousand of C. two thousand

  ( )25. This is Mr. White’s _______ visit to Beijing. He has been there twice before.

  A. two B. second

  C. three D. third