A Mole, a creature blind from birth, once said to his Mother: "I am sure that I can see, Mother!" In the desire to prove to him his mistake, his Mother placed before him a few grains of frankincense, and asked, "What is it?' The young Mole said, "It is a pebble." His Mother exclaimed: "My son, I am afraid that you are not only blind, but that you have lost your sense of smell.



  When man first saw the Camel, he was so frightened at his vast size that he ran away. After a time, perceiving the meekness and gentleness of the beast's temper, he summoned courage enough to approach him. Soon afterwards, observing that he was an animal altogether deficient in spirit, he assumed such

  boldness as to put a bridle in his mouth, and to let a child drive him.



  Isaac was paralyzed in both legs at of 10. His teacher had pity on him .Every morning ,she let Isaac read a paragraph from an article in the class. She taught him the parameter of judging grammar accuracy and why more haste ,less speed is a paradox ,the teacher’s partial attitude called forth another student , Jack’s envy . Another naughty boy was his partner .Both of them mocked Isaac that he was a parasite on his parents .Isaac felt discriminated against since childhood .When he grew up .he worked in parliament and he played a part in it ,His parents passed away in an accident .Isaac passed out when he heard the news .Even he knew they were happy in paradise ,the pain in his heart never passed off .From then on ,he participated more actively in all kinds of politics .Last month ,he took part in a parade .The people paraded on the highway .The highway ran parallel to the river, which reminded Isaac the happy swimming time with his parents .Today ,Isaac received a particular postal parcel .It was from his classmate .In it was an apologetic letter. There was not a particle of false in the letter .”Dear Isaac ,pardon our strong language when we were too young .We stress that point in particular .We are all partly to blame .Jack and Tom.”