The computer is a useful machine. It is the most important invention in many years. The oldest kind of computer is the abacus(算盘), used in China centuries ago, but the first large, modern computer was built in 1946. A computer then could do maths problems quite fast.

  Today computers are used in many ways and can do many kinds of work. In a few years the computer may touch the life of everyone, even people in faraway villages.

  In the last few years, there have been great changes in computers. They are getting smaller and smaller, and computing faster and faster, Many scientists agree that computers can now do many things, but they cannot do everything. Who knows what the computers of tomorrow will be like? Will computers bring good things or bad things to people? The scientists of today will have to decide how to use the computers of tomorrow.

  1. The computer is a _______ machine.

  A. helpful B. strange C. large D. dangerous

  2. The first large, modern computer was built about _______ years ago.

  A. a few B. forty C. sixty D. eighty

  3. The computers of today are _______ than before.

  A. bigger B. fewer C. smaller D.taller

  4. Computers can do _______.

  A. everything B. anything

  C. nothing D. lots of things

  5. The scientists of today _______ how to use the computers of tomorrow.

  A. may decide B. must decide

  C. can make D. needn’t make


  1. A。细节题。根据据第1句话 The computer is a useful machine 可知答案为A。

  2. C。推断题。第一台计算机是1946年生产的,距今大约60年,所以应选C。

  3. C。细节题。根据第3段第2句 They are getting smaller and smaller 可知答案为 C。

  4. D。推断题。根据第2段第1句 Today computers are used in many ways and can do many kinds of work 以及…but they cannot do everything可知答案为D。

  5. B。细节题。根据最后一句话 The scientists of today will have to decide how to use the computers of tomorrow 可知答案为B.


  Are you interested in country music? I like it very much !It will take me away for a while after I am tired.The guitars and songs will take me to mountains and fields.

  Country music usually talks of everyday life and feelings. It’s the spirit of America,easy to understand,slow and simple.

  Country music developed in the Southern United States. It was the folk music of American countryside. Many of songs tell about the lives of farmers .They talk about love, crops or death.

  The life of the countryside can be hard, so the words in country music are often sad. At first, people played the music only at family parties. But it became more popular later. In the 1920s,people played country songs on the radio, and they made them into records.

  When people in the countryside moved to towns and cities to look for work, they took their music with them. Country music continued to change and became popular across America.

  John Denver was one of America’s most famous country singers in the 1970s.His song "Take Me home, Country Roads" is well-known and people still play it today.

  1.Country music is usually about _______.

  A. everyday life and feelings

  B. farmer’s feelings

  C. the lives of workers

  2.Country music developed ________.

  A. in John Denver’s city

  B. in the Southern United States

  C. in the Northem United States

  3.People bagan to make country song records _______.

  A. in the 1920s B. in 1920 C. in the 1970s

  4.Why did Country music become popular in America?

  A. Because city people liked the music.

  B. Because farmers moved to cities with their music and it continued to change.

  C. Because country music talked about city people’s lives.

  5.Who is famous for the song "Take Me Home, Country Roads"?

  A. A farmer in the countryside.

  B. A person who moved to towns

  C. John Denver.

  1.B 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.C


  Stress(压力)is everywhere in our everyday life. Not only men have it, but also women and young people.

  The most important reasons of stress are:death, diseases, exams, making money, getting married, moving houses, changing jobs, ending friendships and so on .

  How do you know whether you have stress? Could you give your answers to the following questions?

  Yes No

  Do you easily get angry?

  Do you often sleep badly?

  Do you get headaches a lot?

  Do you take sleeping pills?

  Do you find it difficult to relax?

  Do you usually hide your feelings?

  Do you smoke and drink a lot to keep quiet?

  Do you find it difficult to put your heart into something?

  If you answer “Yes” to more than two of these questions, you are one of those people with stress. So what can you do about it?

  Doing relaxing exercises, talking with friends and listening to light music are all usual ways of relieving(减轻) stress. However, doctors now say that there are easier ways—people should laugh and smile more often.

  When you laugh and smile, your body relaxes. They also say that people, especially men, should cry more often, be¬cause crying is the natural way of relieving stress.

  1. Who has got stress in everyday life?

  A. Men and women. B. Young people. C. Both A and B.

  2. If you have over _______ problems listed in the table, you are the person with stress.

  A. two B. three C. eight

  3. Which of the followings is NOT the reason of stress?

  A. Taking exams.

  B. Taking sleeping pills.

  C. Making money.

  4. What’s the easier way to relax your body?

  A. Talking with friends.

  B Doing relaxing exercises.

  C. Laughing, smiling and crying.

  5. The main idea of the passage is _________.

  A. about stress and how to relieve your stress

  B. that there are many reasons for having stress

  C. that laughing and smiling more can help relieve your stress

  1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.A