Spring has come, in every corner of the earth were full of spring. Campus, full of the glad Lu like. Willow willow out of the thin, top decorated clean the yellowish leaves; grass aroma with a drilling mud out in bunches, A host, nice green flowers are also stretched, played a yawn, unearthed a small head; children all took off their heavy winter clothes, put on another bright light both spring; the birds flew out from the house, singing sweet songs, tell us: Spring is coming ! Spring is really here, in the pond, the fields, in the sky, glow with vitality everywhere. Nature's beauty has become rich together. A clear day, warm in the sun on the body, soft spring breeze brush his face, both warm and comfortable: the rainy day, bursts of spring thunder exploding from time to time, both thrilling and exciting. Spring scenery is so beautiful, spring, the mood even more beautiful. Rickets an entire winter backs straight, and cheerful smile full of hope. Parks and lively up, photography of young people, old people fishing, catching insects, children, one by one intoxicated in the arms of nature, linger. Spring, people are more busy. As the saying goes: at the spring. You see, in the city's streets, was busy shuttling back and forth to figure, rural land, the farmers are sown the seeds of hope. The walls of the classroom close to the new semester curriculum, books and new books, there are a lot of knowledge of many waiting for us to pick fruit. I love spring, I like to smell the fragrance of flowers, to see the new green trees and hear the singing of small Ukrainian. I love spring because it is full of vigor, full of new hope!

  春天来了,在地球的每一个角落都充满春天的气息。 校园,充满了高兴鲁等。柳柳出薄,上面饰清洁微黄的叶子;青草香气钻井泥浆出一丛丛,一台主机,漂亮的绿花也被拉长,起到了哈欠,探出一个小脑袋;孩子们都脱下厚重的冬装,换上另一个耀眼的光芒两个弹簧;鸟儿飞了出去,从房子,唱着甜美的歌声,告诉我们:春天来了! 春天是真的在这里,在池塘,田野,在天空中,焕发活力无处不在。大自然的美丽已经成为共同富裕。天气晴朗,在身体上的阳光温暖,柔和的春风刷在脸上,既保暖又舒适:雨天,春雷阵阵炸响不时,既惊险又刺激。 春天的景色太美了,春天,心情更美丽。佝偻病整个冬天腰板挺直,欢快的笑容充满了希望。公园和热闹起来,摄影的年轻人,老人们捕鱼,捉虫,孩子,一个个陶醉在大自然的怀抱里,挥之不去。 春天,人们都比较忙。俗话说:一年之计在于春。你看,在城市的街道上,正忙着来回穿梭的身影,农村土地,农民播种希望的种子。教室靠近新学期的课程,图书和新书的墙壁,还有很多很多的知识等待我们去采摘水果。 我爱春天,我喜欢闻到花香,看到了新的绿色的树木和听到小乌的歌声。我喜欢春天,因为它充满了活力,充满了新的希望!


  Cold, winter grandpa took the voice silently with lightsome pace came to earth. The earth recovery, all things recovery. The lawn, the grass out in both the small green head, curiously look in all directions. The river, rows of willows bent, appreciate the beautiful reflection in the water on your own. Long branches grew pale green leaf bud. A gust of wind blowing, as if a girl blowing hair, pretty great. Park, the voice like a beautiful faery, dress up the earth extraordinarily beautiful. All kinds of flowers blossom, to outshine each other. Have a pink peach blossom, jasmine, white pear, golden and wearing dahongpao azaleas... Very beautiful flowers, send out a seductive fragrance, intoxicating. Sing and butterfly, hard-working bee they are free to fly in the flowers. In the woods, a bird "chirping merrily with the smell of spring. She fell asleep for a winter animals aroused by birds singing. Frogs singing in the fields, duck mother led the little ducks playing in the river. Everywhere a vibrant scene. "A year is spring, spring is beautiful! Let's go to feel the breath of spring!



  Connect quietly came to our side. She used red, the sun; With green, the grass; With color and dyed out of the vast beautiful flowers...

  The wind, gently blowing, blowing green willow, blow back to swallow, blowing open the freezing, blowing up the hibernating animals.

  Rain, mingled with the underground, as the saying goes: "spring rain your such as oil", but will give it to usher in the today. Look, those lovely flowers were greedily drinking rain water, drink a full show their graceful posture. Road, pedestrians in different umbrella, constitutes the world of colorful umbrella. A little spring rain moistens everything, to bring their thriving vitality. I can not help but sigh: how beautiful spring rain!

  The rain has stopped, the weather is fine, a rainbow in the sky, colorful, beautiful. Look at the flowers in the garden, there are red, yellow, white, pink... Red like fire, yellow like gold, white as snow, powder such as chardonnay, through the baptism of the rain, coupled with the sunshine, and presents a scene of vitality.

  The children freely on the grass with colorful kites. Look, there's "Monkey King" the Monkey King, it fly in the air, walking, how spectacular!

  Is such a beautiful spring, connect with marker dye, is also deeply loves the life of people dress up, more of a spell is innocent and lovely children.