A Trip to the Forest

  One day Bob took two of his friends in-to the mountains. They put up their tents (帐篷) and then rode off to a forest to see how the trees were growing.

  In the afternoon when they were about ten kilometres from their camp(营地), it start-ed to snow. More and more snow fell. Soon Bob could hardly see his hands before his face. He could not find the road. Bob knew there were two roads. One road went to the camp, and the other went to his house. But all was white snow. Everything was the same. How could he take his friends back to the camp?

  Bob had an idea. The horses! Let the horses take them back! But what would hap-pen if the horses took the road to his house? That would be a trip of thirty-five kilometres in such cold weather!

  It was getting late. They rode on and on. At last the horses stopped. Where were they? None of them could tell. John looked around. What was that under the tree? It was one of their tents!

  1. John and his two friends went to the forest to ____.

  A. build their camp

  B. find their way home

  C. enjoy the mountains in the snow

  D. watch the trees in the forest

  2. They could not find their way back be-cause ____.

  A. there was only one road to their camp

  B. they couldn't decide which of the two roads led to their tents

  C. there were no roads in the mountains at all

  D. everything was covered by the white snow

  3. It is clear that they wanted the horses to take them to ____.

  A. John's house B. the camp

  C. the forest D. the mountains

  4. The horses stopped because____.

  A. it was getting late

  B. they were tired after running for a long way

  C. they knew that they had got to the camp

  D. they had seen John's house

  5. The story happened ____.

  A. on a cold winter day

  B. on a dark snowy evening

  C. in a cold camp far from villages

  D. at night when nothing could be seen

  [Key] 1. D 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. A


  The Water World Swimming Pool is open every day from eight o’clock in the morning until half past seven in the evening. It costs two dollars sixty to enter the pool. There is a special cheap price for students with a student card. The price is one dollar forty. But you must bring your student card with you.

  On Wednesday morning the pool is only open to mothers and babies. So mothers can enjoy themselves in the water with their babies. Please leave your older children at home on Wednesday morning.

  The new Water World Café will be open up on June 22nd. From the café you can watch the swimmers or enjoy a drink after you swim.

  Please call 2105369 for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the Water World Swimming Pool.

  1. How long is the Water World Swimming Pool open every day?

  A. Eleven hours. B. Seven hours.

  C. Eleven and a half hours. D. Seven and a half hours.

  2. What is the price for students with a student card to enter the pool?

  A. Two dollars. B. One dollar forty.

  C. Two dollars sixty. D. One dollar.

  3. A ten-year-old boy can’t go to the Water World Swimming Pool .

  A. on Saturday B. on Sunday

  C. on Wednesday afternoon D. on Wednesday morning

  4. From the café you can watch the swimmers or enjoy a drink after you swim ___________.

  A. on May 21st B. on May 22nd

  C. on June 23rd D. on June 21st

  5. This passage is a(n) ___________.

  A. advertisement B. note C. story D. slogan

  1-5 CBDCA