( ) 1. There __________ a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

  A. will be going to B. will going to be C. is going to be D. will go to be

  ( ) 2. Charlie ________ here next month.

  A. isn't working B. doesn't working C. isn't going to working D. won't work

  ( ) 3. He ________ very busy this week, he ________ free next week.

  A. will be; is B. is; is C. will be; will be D. is; will be

  ( ) 4. There ________ a dolphin show in the zoo tomorrow evening.

  A. was B. is going to have C. will have D. is going to be

  ( ) 5. -_____ you ______ free tomorrow? - No. I _____ free the day after tomorrow.

  A. Are; going to; will B. Are; going to be; will

  C. Are; going to; will be D. Are; going to be; will be

  ( ) 6. Mother ________ me a nice present on my next birthday.

  A. will gives B. will give C. gives D. give

  ( ) 7. - Shall I buy a cup of tea for you? -________. (不,不要。)

  A. No, you won't. B. No, you aren't. C. No, please don't. D. No, please.

  ( ) 8. - Where is the morning paper? - I ________ if for you at once.

  A. get B. am getting C. to get D. will get

  ( ) 9. ________ a concert next Saturday?

  A. There will be B. Will there be C. There can be D. There are

  ( ) 10. If they come, we ________ a meeting.

  A. have B. will have C. had D. would have

  ( ) 11. He ________ her a beautiful hat on her next birthday.

  A. gives B. gave C. will giving D. is going to giving

  ( ) 12. He ________ to us as soon as he gets there.

  A. writes B. has written C. will write D. wrote

  ( ) 13. He ________ in three days.

  A. coming back B. came back C. will come back D. is going to coming back

  ( ) 14. If it ________ tomorrow, we'll go roller-skating.

  A. isn't rain B. won't rain C. doesn't rain D. doesn't fine

  ( ) 15. - Will his parents go to see the Terra Cotta Warriors tomorrow?

  - No, ________ (不去).

  A. they willn't. B. they won't. C. they aren't. D. they don't.

  ( ) 16. Who ________ we ________ swimming with tomorrow afternoon?

  A. will; go B. do; go C. will; going D. shall; go

  ( ) 17. We ________ the work this way next time.

  A. do B. will do C. going to do D. will doing

  ( ) 18. Tomorrow he ___ a kite in the open air first, and then ____ boating in the park.

  A. will fly; will go B. will fly; goes C. is going to fly; will goes D. flies; will go

  ( ) 19. The day after tomorrow they ________ a volleyball match.

  A. will watching B. watches C. is watching D. is going to watch

  ( ) 20. There ________ a birthday party this Sunday.

  A. shall be B. will be C. shall going to be D. will going to be

  ( ) 21. They ________ an English evening next Sunday.

  A. are having B. are going to have C. will having D. is going to have

  ( ) 22. ________ you ________ free next Sunday?

  A. Will; are B. Will; be C. Do; be D. Are; be

  ( ) 23. He ________ there at ten tomorrow morning.

  A. will B. is C. will be D. be

  ( ) 24. ________ your brother ________ a magazine from the library?

  A. Are; going to borrow B. Is; going to borrow

  C. Will; borrows D. Are; going to borrows

  ( ) 25. - Shall I come again tomorrow afternoon? -________ (好的).

  A. Yes, please B. Yes, you will. C. No, please. D. No, you won't.

  ( ) 26. It ________ the year of the horse next year.

  A. is going to be B. is going to C. will be D. will is

  ( ) 27. ________ open the window?

  A. Will you please B. Please will you C. You please D. Do you

  ( ) 28. - Let's go out to play football, shall we? - OK. I ________.

  A. will coming B. be going to come C. come D. am coming

  ( ) 29. It ________ us a long time to learn English well.

  A. takes B. will take C. spends D. will spend

  ( ) 30. The train ________ at 11.

  A. going to arrive B. will be arrive C. is going to D. is arriving


  1. I ______(leave)in a minute. I ______(finish)all my work before I ______ (leave).

  2. -How long _____ you _____(study)in our country?

  -I _____(plan)to be here for about one more year.

  -I _____(hope)to visit the other parts of your country.

  -What ______ you ______(do)after you ______(leave)here?

  -I ______(return)home and ______(get)a job.

  3. I ______(be)tired. I ______(go)to bed early tonight.

  4. Mary's birthday is next Monday, her mother _____(give)her a present.

  5. It is very cold these days. It ______(snow)soon.

  6. -_____ you _____(be)here this Saturday?

  -No. I ______(visit)my teacher.

  7. -______ I ______(get)you a copy of today's newspaper?

  -Thank you.

  8. I am afraid there ______(be)a meeting this afternoon. I can't join you.

  9. Mike ______(believe, not)this until he ______(see)it with his own eyes.

  10. Most of us don't think their team ______(win).







  一、1. am leaving ; will finish ; leave 2. will ; study ; plan ; hope ; will ; do ; leave ; will return ; get

  3. am ; will 4. will give 5. will snow 6. Will, be ; will visit 7. Shall ; get

  8. will be 9. won't believe ; sees 10. will win

  二、1. C 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. D 6. B 7. C 8. D

  9. B 10. B 11. D 12. C 13. C 14. C 15. B 16. D

  17. B 18. A 19. D 20. B 21. B 22. B 23. C 24. B

  25. A 26. A 27. A 28. D 29. B 30. D

  三、1.My uncle will come tonight.

  2.He isn't going to live in the small house.

  3.We are going to read this book.

  4.-Will your father go fishing?-No,he is going swimming.