1. Is itpolite to speak loudly in public places in America? He asks. (改为宾语从句)

  He asks __________ it ___________ polite tospeak loudly in public places in America.

  2. Canyou tell me? Where is the post office? (合为一句)

  Can you tell me __________ the post office___________?

  3. Hetold me, “His father doesn’t know Mr Brown.” (改为宾语从句)

  He told me __________ his father ___________know Mr Brown.

  4. Hedoes not tell the truth, I think. (改为宾语从句)

  I __________ think that he ____________ thetruth.

  5. Whatwas wrong with the computer? I couldn’t say. (合并为一个句子)

  Icouldn’t say __________ __________ __________ with the computer.


  1. — Theteacher wants to know _______ happened yesterday. — Sorry, I don’t know.

  2. —Please tell me _______ to get to the school. — You can go there by bike.

  3. — Theradio said _______ it would be rainy. — Oh, we should take an umbrella.

  4. — DidMum ask _______ we had lunch? — Yes. Itold her we had lunch at home!

  5. —Betty would like to know _______ the train left. — At two o’clock this afternoon.

  6. — Idon’t understand _______ you don’t believe him. — Because he often tells lies .

  7. — Theyasked _______ he was in the classroom. — No, he was at the library.

  8. — Areyou sure _______ the earth goes around the sun? — Yes.

  9. — Doyou know _______ one Betty wants? — Yes,she wants the blue one.

  10. —Please help me find out _______ he visited last night. — Maybe Mr Wang.


  1. MissGreen didn’t tell us _____ in 2002.

  A. wheredoes she live

  B. Whereshe lives

  C. wheredid she live

  D. whereshe lived

  2. Wouldyou please tell me ______?

  A. whendid he come home

  B. where wouldhe play football

  C. if hehas seen the film

  D. why hedidn’t watch the game

  3. Idon’t know when ____.

  A. willthe train leave

  B. thetrain will leave

  C. wouldthe train leave

  D. thetrain leave

  4.---Wedon’t know _____.

  ---It issaid that he was born in Sweden.

  A. whatheis

  B. if helives here

  C. wherehe comes from

  D. whichcountry is he from

  5. We'renot sure if it ___________ tomorrow. If it ___________,we won’t climb the South Hill.

  A. willsnow;snows

  B. willsnow;will snow

  C. snows;snows

  D. snows;will snow

  6.Do youknow______now?

  A.whereis Tom working

  B.wheredid Tom work

  C. whereTom is working

  D.whereTom worked

  7.Damingsaid he only_______ to play computer game for a while.

  A.wants B.will want C.wanted D.have wanted

  8.I willhave a week _______next month.Would you like to go on a trip in Yunnan with me?

  A.off B. on C.in D.out

  9.Listen!Wecan hear him______in the next room.

  A.sing B.singing C.to sing D.sings

  10. —Couldyou please tell me_____ the tent last week?—Sorry,I’ve no idea.

  A. how muchdid she spend on B. how much did shepay for

  C. howmuch she spent on D. how muchshe pay for

  答案;一. 1. if/ whether, is 2. where, is 3. that, didn’t 4. don’t, tell 5. what was wrong

  二.1.what 2. how 3. that 4. where 5. when 6.why 7. if/whether 8. if/whether 9. which 10. who

  三. 1-5 DDBCA 6-10 CCABC