1. This novel can make you laugh and cry at _______ same time.

  A. a B. an C. the D. /

  2. The university stude nt borrowed some money _____his friends to start his own business.

  A. from B. onto C. at D. in

  3. I have two children, and ________ of them are working in the west of China.

  A. all B. both C. neither D. either

  4. The old man used to raise many ________ to make a living on the farm.

  A. duck B. horse C. bird D. sheep

  5. The students from Xinjiang enjoy staying in our school because everyone is ____ to them.

  A. friendly B. gently C. happily D. politely

  6. We hope that with the help of the new skill, Liu Xiang can run ________than before.

  A. fast B. faster C. fastest D. the fastest

  7. Take the exam carefully, _______ you won’t get full marks.

  A. but B. and C. or D. so

  8. We didn’t start our discussion __________ everybody arrived.

  A. since B. if C. while D. until

  9. You _________lose your way if you walk alone in the mountains at night.

  A. may B need C. should D. ought to

  10. By the end of the last month, I _____________ all the CDs Of Justin Bieber.

  A. collect B. collected C. have collected D. had collected

  1-5 CABDA


  1.考核:词组搭配at the same time 与……同时

  2.考核:词组搭配borrow…from… 向……借……


  4.考核:many修饰可数名词的复数形式,而duck-ducks/ horse-horses/ bird-birds,只有sheep是单复数同形的



  7.考核:这是考并列连词(and/but/or/so/for)中的内容,尤其是通过句型“祈使句+and/or+一般将来时”的句型更能看出答案来。倒是这里的full marks(满分)不知道学生能知道其意思吗?



  10.考核:这里是考核时态的内容,根据by the end of+过去时间,我们知道是考核“过去完成时”的内容。


  1.The old man is very poor but he never borrows money from ________.

  A. somebody B. anybody C. nobo dy D. everybody

  2.Li Ming is in Class One. He is taller than ________ student in Class Two.

  A. any other B. any C. other D. the other

  3.Tina is ________ friend. We often play and study together.

  A. my the best B. the best my C. my best D. best my

  4.—Jim runs very fast.

  —Danny runs ________ faster than he does.

  A. much B. many C. little D. few

  5.—Who is Linda?

  —She is ________ of the two girls under the tree.

  A. taller B. tallest C. the taller D. the tallest

  6.—When will you go to see your grandparents?

  —________ next Sunday.

  A. Usually B. Maybe C. Almost D. H ardly

  7.Lily is weak. I’m surprised ________ that she came first in the 100-metre race.

  A. to be known B. know C. to know D. known

  8.When the tall building is finished, it will ________ a new record in our city.

  A. give B. set C. open D. need

  9.Uncle Wang always drinks beer while ________ TV.

  A. watching B. watches C. is watching D. watch

  10.Susan ________ me a letter since last summer. It will be a surprise to receive her letter.

  A. hasn’t sent B. hadn’t sent

  C. has sent D. had sent

  I. 1.B 本题考查有关“body”的不定代词。本句意为“这位老人虽然很贫穷,但是他从来没有向任何人借过钱。”应选B。

  2.B 李明是一班的,他比二班的任何一个学生都高。any表示“任何一个”。

  3.C best前有形容词性物主代词,就不用定冠词the。

  4.A much可以修饰比较级。much+比较级,表示“更……的多”。

  5.C 有“of the two”时,比较级前加定冠词the。

  6.B 本句是对将来的猜测、打算,因此用“或许”。其他选项是表示频率的词,在这里不能用表示频率的词。

  7.C be surprised to do sth表示“惊讶做某事”。

  8.B set a new record意为“创造一个新的纪录”。

  9.A while后可跟进行事态的句子,还可跟动名词,表示“一边……一边……”。

  10.A since+过去的时间,构成现在完成时的时间状语。由此可排除选项B和D。由下一句可知,自从去年夏天到现在没有信的来往,故选A。