( ) 1. There was _______ to weight the elephant.

  A. nothing enough big

  B. big nothing enough

  C. nothing big enough

  D. big enough nothing

  ( ) 2. Kate said that she didn’t feel very _______ today.

  A. well B. good C. nice D. better

  ( ) 3. -- _______ will Jim be back?

  --In five minutes.

  A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How about

  ( ) 4. The old gentleman has ________ been to the Great Wall before, has he?

  A. always B. already C. ever D. not

  ( ) 5. Now China has joined WTO, so I think English is _______ useful than before.

  A. more B. most C. much D. many

  ( ) 6. Jane’s brother didn’t work so _______ as the others did in his class.

  A. harder B. hard C. hardest D. hardly

  ( ) 7. I was ill yesterday. But now I feel much _____. I think I can go to school tomorrow.

  A. worse B. bad C. better D. well

  ( ) 8. My parents are _______ busy that they have no time to do housework.

  A. so B. very C. too D. quite

  ( ) 9. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was _______ to carry all the way home.

  A. much too heavy B. too much heavy

  C. heavy too much D. too heavy much

  1—5 CACDA

  6—9 BCAA


  ( )1. A noise was coming from _______, and after a while a man in black came downstairs and disappeared in the street.

  A. the bedroom over B. the bedroom below

  C. the above bedroom D. the bedroom above

  ( ) 2. –What a nice motorbike! ________ have you been on it?

  -- Just to Beijing.

  A. How long B. How soon

  C. How far D. How often

  ( ) 3. All the black people refused to take the city buses. ________.

  A. Neither did some whites B. So some whites did

  C. Neither some whites did D. So did some whites

  ( ) 4. –What about having a picnic here, John?

  --Good idea! I’m feeling ____ hungry, too.

  A. much B. a bit C. not a bit D. a bit of

  ( ) 5. It’s a pity that I didn’t think of ringing you _______.

  A. soon B. sooner C. early D. earlier

  ( ) 6. –It’s very dark. Let’s go _______.

  –All right. Let’s return.

  A. not far B. no far C. no farther D. not farther

  ( ) 7. I got to the station _______ than Jim.

  A. early 20 minutes B. earlier 20 minutes

  C. 20 minutes early D. 20 minutes earlier

  ( ) 8. John came to work ______of them all yesterday because his bike had broken down.

  A. late B. later C. latest D. latter

  ( ) 9. Asia is _______ the largest continent in the world.

  A. by far B. far away C. in the distance D. a little

  ( ) 10. Mike is still _______ with his work as he was when I saw him last.

  A. more careful B. the most careful

  C. as careful D. as carefully

  1—5 DCDBD

  6—10 CDCAC


  ( ) 1. They young man is _______ carry that heavy bag.

  A. strong enough to

  B. enough strong to

  C. not strong enough

  D. strong enough

  ( ) 2. Yang won the women’s 500 meters in the sports meeting. She did _______ of all.

  A. best B. better C. well D. good

  ( ) 3. –It’s so cold today.

  –Yes, it’s _______ colder than it was yesterday.

  A. some B. more C. very D. much

  ( ) 4. --_____ did it _____ the conductor to check the tickets this morning.

  --Half an hour.

  A. How soon; take B. How long; cost

  C. Hoe often; spent D. How long; take

  ( ) 5. –Excuse me, _______ is the nearest bookshop?

  --Go down the street and turn left at the second corner.

  A. how B. what C. where D. who

  ( ) 6. --_______ is it from our school to Lupu Bridge?

  --About half an hour’s bus ride. Shall we go and visit it?

  A. How long B. How often

  C. How far D. How much

  ( ) 7. Tom does his homework _______ Lucy.

  A. as carefully as B. so careful as

  C. as careful as D. so carefully as

  ( ) 8. Pass my glasses to me, Jack. I can _______ read the words in the newspapers.

  A. hardly B. really

  C. rather D. clearly

  ( ) 9. –Please write to me when you have time.

  --Sure. But _______ is your e-mail address?

  A. when B. where C. what D. which

  ( ) 10. –How far is it from your home to your school?

  --It’s a quarter’s walk, _______.

  A. here and there B. now and then

  C. up and down D. more or less

  1—5 AADDC

  6—10 CAACD