Another Reason

  It was a quiet village in which there was a military camp. It was far from the towns and cities and there were some high mountains around. Of course it was a good place for training the new soldiers. But it was difficult for the young men to go outside. Mr. White, an officer of forty, was strict with them and he hardly let them leave the camp.

  Once Mr. White was ill in bed. He couldn’t work and a young officer, Mr. Hunt, began to train the new soldiers instead of him. He knew the young men well and let nine soldiers go to the nearest town to have a holiday. But night fell and none came back to the camp. He was worried about it and stood at the gate. It was five to twelve when Mr. Hunt decided to go to the town and see what was happening with the young men. He started the car quickly and set off. At that moment the nine soldiers came back. It seemed they were all drunk. Of course they found the officer was angry.

  “I’m sorry, sir,” said the first soldier. “I left the town on time. But something was wrong with my bus on my way here. I had to buy a horse and made it run fast. Bad luck! It died and I had to run back.”

  And the other seven soldiers said they were late for the same reasons. It was the last soldier’s turn. He said, “I’m sorry, sir. I got on a bus on time, but…”

  Having heard this, the officer became even angrier and stopped him at once. He called out, “If you say something was wrong with your bus, I’ll punish you at once!”

  “No, no, sir,” said the young man. “My bus was all right, but the dead horses were in its way!”

  1. The military camp was built in the village to _______.

  A. stop the soldiers going to towns

  B. stop the soldiers meeting their friends

  C. train the new soldiers

  D. make the young men live quietly

  2. Mr. Hunt let the nine soldiers have a holiday because _______.

  A. he was kind to them

  B. they felt lonely

  C. they had something important to do

  D. they were the best of all

  3. The young officer was worried because _______.

  A. a traffic accident had happened

  B. he was afraid something happened to the nine soldiers

  C. the nine soldiers didn’t come back on time

  D. the nine soldiers drank too much in the town

  4. The nine soldiers returned to the camp late because _______.

  A. something was wrong with their buses

  B. their horses died on the return way

  C. it took them much time to run back

  D. they all had drunk much in the town

  5. Which answer do you think right?

  A. I’ll believe only the last soldier.

  B. The officer believed the nine soldiers.

  C. I’ll believe none of the nine soldiers.

  D. The officer won’t punish his soldiers.


  1. C。细节题。根据第1段第2句和第3句 It was far from the towns and cities and there were some high mountains around. Of course it was a good place for training the new soldiers 可知答案为 C。

  2. A。推断题。根据第2段第3句 He knew the young men well and let nine soldiers go to the nearest town to have a holiday 可知答案为 A。

  3. B。推断题。根据 …Mr. Hunt decided to go to the town and see what was happening with the young men 可知答案为 B。

  4. D。细节题。根据 It seemed they were all drunk 可知答案为 D。

  5. C。推断题。那9个士兵在为自己的晚归找借口,他们是在说谎,因此应该选择C


  Mr. Harris used to work in Dover, but then he changed his work, and he and his wife moved to another town. They did not have many friends there, but they soon met a lot of interesting people, and after a few weeks, they often went to dinner or to parties at other people’s houses.Then Mrs. Harris said to her husband, “We’ve been to a lot of other people’s houses, and now we must invite them to our house, mustn’t we?”

  “Yes, certainly,” answered her husband, “A big party will be the easiest thing, won’t it? Then we can start to invite people to dinner in small numbers next month.”

  So Mrs. Harris said, “Yes, I’ll invite all our friends here to a big party on 5th December.”

  “How many will that be?” Mr. Harris asked. “Don’t invite too many.”

  Mrs. Harris was beginning to write the invitations when her husband saw that she was writing, “Party: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.”

  “That isn’t very nice, is it?” he said. “You’re telling our guests that they must go at 8:30.

  ” So Mrs. Harris just wrote “Party: 6:30 p.m.”

  A lot of guests came, and they all had a good time, so they did not go home at 8:30. In fact they were still there at mid-night when the door bell rang and a policeman arrived. He said, “You must stop making a noise, because someone has complained(抱怨).”

  Mr. Harris said he did not want to quarrel with the policeman, so everyone went home. They were sorry to have to go.

  When Mr. and Mrs. Harris were alone again, she said to him. “That was a surprise, wasn’t it? Who complained about the noise?”

  “I did,” Mr Harris answered in a tired voice.

  1. Why did Mr. Harris and his wife move to another town?

  A. They wanted to make some new friends.

  B. Mr. Harris changed his work.

  C. They wanted to meet a lot of interesting people.

  D. They enjoyed going to parties and visiting other people’s houses.

  2 What made Mr. and Mrs. Harris hold a party at their house?

  A. It was easy to hold a big party at home.

  B. They could ask people to dinner in small numbers.

  C. They had gone to other people’s parties many times.

  D. They liked making friends with others.

  3. How long would Mrs. Harris like the party to last?

  A. From the morning till night.

  B. About fourteen hours.

  C. About two hours.

  D. Till midnight

  4. When did the party end that evening?

  A. At about 8:30.

  B. When the policeman talked with Mr. Harris on the phone.

  C. About twelve o’clock..

  D. When someone telephoned the police station.

  5. Why did Mr. Harris telephoned the policeman about the noise?

  A. Because someone rang his door bell many times at mid-night.

  B. He did not want his friends to stay late that night.

  C. His friends had a good time that night and also feel tired.

  D. Because he hated the noise.


  1. B。从文章的第1句我们得知Mr. Harris changed his work,所以他才移居到另一个小镇,也就是B答案。

  2. C。第2段的We’ve been to a lot of other people’s houses告诉了我们他们之所以举办宴会的原因,据此可选C项。

  3. C。题目问的是Mrs. Harris预计宴会持续多长时间,而不是实际到几点结束。在Mrs. Harris刚开始写请柬时是写Party: 6:30 to 8:30 pm,大概两个小时,即答案C。

  4. C。宴会结束是midnight,也就是午夜12点,而当警察出现时,宴会还在进行,而我们从文章可以推断出宴会是在警察走后才结束的。

  5. B。根据全文我们可以推测出电话是Mr. Harris打的,而打电话的原因属选项B最符合原文.


  Two farmers were on their way home one evening after a hard day's work. Both were tired. They happened to look up at the sky and saw a black cloud overhead.

  "Ah!" said one farmer, "tomorrow we shall have rain and the rice will grow well." The second answered, "Nonsense (胡说), the rain will only kill the crops (庄稼)."

  So they began to quarrel (争吵). Just then a third farmer came along and asked them why they were quarreling. Both farmers explained about the black cloud.

  "What cloud?" asked the third farmer. They all looked at the sky. The cloud was no longer there.

  Choose the right answer

  1. The two farmers were _____.

  A. going home

  B. going to the field

  C. going to work

  D. going to see their friend

  2. The two farmers _____ on that day.

  A. had a holiday

  B. didn't work

  C. worked hard

  D. wanted to quarrel with each other

  3. When there are black block clouds in the sky, _____.

  A. it will rain soon

  B. it will be fine

  C. it will get hot

  D. the sun is shining brightly

  4. The two farmers fought in words because _____.

  A. they were hungry

  B. it rained

  C. one said the rain would do good to the crops and the other didn't think so

  D. they both hoped for rain

  5. The third farmer came with and said to the other two. He _____.

  A. wanted to make friends with them

  B. joined them in the quarrel

  C. wanted to know why they were quarreling

  D. had nothings to do

  6. How many farmers said that the rain would be helpful? _____.

  A. None B. One C. Two D. Three

  Keys: ACACCB