"Qingming Festival have rain, pedestrians deep sorrow". Once a year the festival has come, now I say Qingming sweep the tombs of the thing.


  My mother and aunt and uncle, and ate a meal at noon, drove grandpa cemetery hill. Pass by incense shop, bought some paper money and incense. We started to climb the mountain. Beginning of the road was very good, then more and more difficult road to go, I looked down, ah! The mountain is so tall! If once the fall ", will be smashed to pieces.". It's startling step by step! Finally to Grandpa's tomb, the tomb can be really big ah! There are many kinds of special behind the grass and flowers, I said: "this Shi Bushi grandpa's hair?" Everyone laughed, mother embarrassed to say: "come on, so not sensible!" Then I will bow down to Grandpa, mind reading silently: "wish him well in heaven." Then the father gave him the next door neighbor, a little money, burn. I asked my dad why, my father smiled and said: "of course give neighbors a little money." And then my dad grandpa burn, burn money, we began to eat the Youth League, I finished my youth, and had two strawberry, drank a bottle of Wang Laoji came down to the.


  Tomb Sweeping Day sweep the tombs, both happy and sad.