( )1. Mo Yan is one of ______ writers in the world.

  A. famous B. more famous C. most famous D. the most famous

  ( )2. Air pollution has become ______ than ever before. We must dosomething to stop it.

  A. serious B. more serious C. most serious D. the most serious

  ( )3. –That clothes store is ______ on weekends --I see. I’ll go there next Moday then.

  A. open B. close C. opened D. closed

  ( )4. –Have yo wathced A Bite ofChina recently?

  --Of course. I do believe Chinese food is ______ in the world.

  A. the most delicious B. moredelicious C. delicious

  ( )5. –Mum, I did best in our group discussion today. –Well done! I ______ you.

  A. am mad at B. am patientwith C. am proud of

  ( )6. John is getting very thin. He doesn’t eat ______ food.

  A. many B. enough C. few D. little

  ( )7. –The relation between the two countries gets ______. A war seems tobreak out soon.

  --I hope they will make peace with each other.

  A. worse and worse B. betterand better C. more and more peaceful

  ( )8. –Do you enjoy Han Lei’s songs?

  --Yes. He is the winner of I am aSingerII. I can’t think of anyone with a _____ voice.

  A. better B. best C. more D. most

  ( )9. Gong Lihas been considered as an _____ actress again because she was experienced inacting the film Coming Home.

  A. energetic B. elegant C. excellent D. easy-going

  ( )10. –I reallylike to watch the TV program I AM ASINGER.

  --Me, too.It’s one of the ______TV programs I’ve ever seen.

  A. leastboring B. least interesting C. most boring D. most interesting

  ( )11. –How faris it from Tianjin to Changhsa? --It is a _____ flight from Tianjin toChangsha.

  A.2-hour-long B. 2-hours-long C. 2 hours’ long D. 2 hour long

  ( )12. You haveto be _______ and wait until I finish my work.

  A.patient B. strict C. honest D. active

  ( )13. Debbie isgrowing fast. She is even _______ than her mother.

  A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

  ( )14. My oldneighbour Charles felt ______ after his children moved out.

  A.lonely B. safely C. angrily D. happily

  ( )15. You look tiredthese days. I think you need a ______ sleep.

  A.shorter B. shortest C. better D. best

  ( )16. –What wasJim wearing at the party?

  --Nothing_________. He was in his usual shirt and jeans.

  A.special B. simple C. important D. interesting

  ( )17. I want torelax myself right now. Would you please change to ______ music?

  A. sad B. loud C. exciting D. gentle

  ( )18. –It’s oneof the _______ things in the world to stay with friends.

  --I agree.It always makes us relaxed.

  A.worst B. happiest C. busiest D. hardest

  ( )19. Linda’sfather hates waiting in long lines. I think he’s just not very _______.

  A.patient B. talented C. popular D. powerful

  ( )20. My familyand I had a(n) trip in Taiwan because of the typhoon and rainstorm.

  A.suitable B. unpleasant C. comfortable D. impatient

  ( )21. All thestudents are talking and laughing in the classroom and it’s ________.

  A.noisy B. lonely C. quiet D. strict

  ( )22. Theflower smells _______ and I like it very much.

  A. well B. good C. bad D. badly