( )1. Look at our new school. It ______ last year.

  A. built B. was built C. is built D. will be built

  ( )2. The pet dog is warm and loving. It _______ as a daughter of myfamily.

  A. treats B. treated C. is treated D. was treated

  ( )3. When Tim _______ why he was late for school, he just kept silent.

  A. was asked B. asked C. was asking D. is asked

  ( )4. Many students ____ chances to show themselves in class because theclass size is too big.

  A. don’t give B. aren’tgiven C. haven’t given D. won’t give

  ( )5. Every day, too much water _______ in our school. We should save it.

  A. is wasted B. wastes C. was wasted D. wasted

  ( )6. AlthoughFlight MH370 has been missing for months, I do believe it ______ some day inthe future.

  A. will find B. won’tfind C. will be found D. won’t be found

  ( )7. The office phones are dirty and they _________ next week.

  A. will clean B. will becleaned C. are cleaning D. are cleaned

  ( )8. –I am afraid that I can’t finish the task successfully.

  --Don’t worry. You _______ plenty of time to do it.

  A. will be given B. give C. will give D.have given

  ( )9. We’re surethat the environment in our city _______ greatly through our work in the nearfuture.

  A. improved B. wasimproved C. has improved D. will be improved

  ( )10. –Don’t forget to come to our schoolassembly(集会) tomorrowmorning.

  --I won’t. I ________ just now.

  A. reminded(提醒) B. was reminded C. reported D. was reported

  ( )11. To my great surprise, the famous athlete’s story _____ differentlyin the newspapers.

  A. were reported B. reported C. was reported D. reports

  ( )12. I heard that Line 1 of Ningbo Subway ______ last month.

  A. was tested B. istested C. tests D. tested

  ( )13. –Claudia, are you going to Jeff’s birthday party on Saturday? --Unless I _______.

  A. will be invited B. aminvited C. was inviting D. invited

  ( )14. Flowers _______ along the road last year.

  A. plant B. planted C. are planted D. were planted

  ( )15. Thanks to the Internet, different kinds of information _______ in ashort time.

  A. can be learned B. has beenlearned C. can learn D. has learned

  ( )16. –How many Chinese astronauts _______ into space since 2003?

  --Twelve, including two women.

  A. were sent B. sent C. have been sent D. have sent

  ( )17. It issaid that an Asian Culture Village _______ inside the AYG Village in Nanjing inthe coming Asian Youth Games period.

  A.builds B. is building C. will be built D. was built

  ( )18. –Have youfinished your project?

  --Not yet.I’ll finish it if I _______ ten more minutes.

  A. give B. am given C. will give D. will be given

  ( )19. –Howoften do I need to feed the dog? --It_____ food every day, or it will be hungry.

  A. mustgive B. must be give C. must be given D. must be gave

  ( )20. If yousee the cartoon film, you will ____________ laugh.

  A. bemade B. be made to C. make to D. make

  ( )21. –The foodlooked bad, but it ______ OK.

  --So we can’tjudge a man by his appearance.

  A. istasted B. tasted C. was tasted D. taste

  ( )22. Today,computers are really helpful. They _______ everywhere.

  A. use B. are used C. used D. were used

  ( )23. The 30thOlympic Games _______ in London soon.

  A. held B. will be held C. were held D. have been held

  ( )24. Hot water-______ in the students’ flats from 5pm to 7pm now.

  A.supplies B. is supplied C. supplied D. was supplied

  ( )25. Yaxi, aquiet village in Gaochun, _______ China’s first “Slow City” in November 2011.

  A.names B. named C. is named D. was named

  ( )26. Bamboocan _________ paper.

  A. used tomake B. be used make C. be used to make D. be used to making

  ( )27. Drivingafter drinking wine _______ in China.

  A.allows B. doesn’t allow C. is allowed D. isn’t allowed

  ( )28. Becauseof the support from all over the country, beautiful new buildings _______ hereand there in the earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan.

  A. cansee B. can be seen C. will be seen D. saw

  ( )29. Each time tourists travel to Beijing,they ______ the Forbidden City.

  A. will beshown up B. will be shown around C. will show around D. will show to

  ( )30. Liu Xiang_____ by his coach to train regularly.

  A.advised B. advises C. was advised D. be advised


  1-5 BCABA 6-10 CBADB 11-15 CABDA 16-20 CCBCB 21-25 BBBBD 26-30 CDBBC