一. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

  1. Please speak ________ (slow) so that we can follow you.

  2. The plane landed ___________(safe) at last.

  3. The bike was___________(cheap), so we decide to buy it.

  4. Listen to the teacher ______________(careful).

  5. She is a ___________(clever) girl.

  6. He played the piano ________(successful) that we are all moved.

  7. They all come __________( early) except Mary.

  8. Hurry up, I don’t want to be _____________(late).

  9. He runs _____________(fast), so I can’t catch up with him.

  10. They are working _______________(hard) to improve their English.


  1. -- I put my purse on the table just now, have you seen it?

  ——No. I haven’t. You should never put __________ on the desk anyway.

  A. anything important

  B. important anything

  C. something important

  D. important something

  2. ——How was your final exam?

  ——The English and Maths papers weren’t __________ for me. I hope I haven’t failed.

  A. easy enough B. difficult enough

  C. enough easy D. enough difficult

  3. As long as you drive __________, you will be very safe.

  A. careful B. careless

  C. carefully D. more carefully

  4. When the thief saw a policeman, he run away as ________ as possible.

  A. quick B. quickly

  C. fastly D. faster

  5. ——Can you communicate(交流) __________ in English?

  ——Sorry, I can’t. I know __________ English.

  A. well; a little B good; little

  C. good; a little D. well; little


  一.1. slowly 2. safely 3. cheap 4.carefully 5. clever

  6. successfully 7.early 8. late 9. fast 10. hard

  二.1-5 AACBD