Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat, in the winter holiday is coming. Have just walked out of the busy nervous final exam. To meet is relaxed and free winter vacation.

  Although the winter holiday is very short, but we can't play because of the winter vacation short and follow one's inclinations, should be playing at the same time not forget to study combining exertion and rest.

  Gorky once said that "books are the ladder of human progress" in peacetime because learning busy and have no spare time to read reference books. Winter holiday is coming now, we just can use the time to read reference books.

  "Has its own gold room in the book, the book has its own treasure to", so I decided to use this holiday season more than look at the name of the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. Not only that I also want to consolidate the knowledge of this semester, prepare the knowledge of the next semester. I hope next semester moved on. Learning to lay a foundation for the next semester.

  In the spare time to complete the teacher and parents the assignment, look at news concerned state affairs. In the time of the Spring Festival is not only to watch the Spring Festival gala, will eat dinner, visiting friends and relatives.

  After the Spring Festival to loose heart a accept, to start put your heart in learning, the work can not continue to play. To the teacher and the school the assignment check check is done. Again next semester need to information and exercises will be ready.

  This is my winter holiday life, my winter vacation I make decision.