1.What's the weather like in Chengdu today?

  A      B     C

  2.What time does the girl often go to school?

  A      B     C

  3.What's Tom's brother doing now?

  A      B     C

  4.How much is the T­shirt?

  A    B   C

  5.How did Tina get to Beijing?

  A     B    C


  6.A.This is mine.  B.Here you are.

  C.It is a pen.

  7.A.5 minutes.  B.5 minutes' walk.

  C.30 kilos.

  8.A. June 7.  B.Monday.  C.My birthday.

  9.A. Yes,by bike.  B.No,by bus.

  C.Yes,I do.

  10.A. In the office.  B.In the bag.



  11.Where is the man going?

  A.He is going to the park.

  B.He is going to the zoo.

  C.He is going to the store.

  12.How does Linda often go to school?

  A.She often goes to school by bus.

  B.She often goes to school by bike.

  C.She often goes to school on foot.

  13.How is the weather today?

  A.Windy.      B.Sunny.      C.Cloudy.

  14.What does he want to buy?

  A.A cat.      B.A hat.      C.A coat.

  15.Is there anything wrong with his TV?

  A.Yes,there is.  B.No,there isn't.

  C.Yes,it is.


  第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分(100分)


  21.They are in the same school,________ in different classes.

  A.and B.or C.but

  22.Let's call up Jim and invite ________ to play football.

  A.he B.him C.his

  23.—Let's make a banana milkshake. What do we need?

  —We need some ________ and two ________.

  A.bananas;cup of milk

  B.bananas;cups of milk


  24.In the Western countries,people celebrate ________on December 25.

  A.Teachers' Day B.Boxing Day

  C.Christmas Day D.Thanksgiving Day

  25.Today is the boy's________ bi rthday. He is 12 years old.

  A.twelve B.twelveth

  C.twelfth D.the twelfth

  26.—How do you like the talk show?

  —I think it's ________,but some people think it's so________.

  A.wonderful enough; bored

  B.enough wonderful; boring

  C.wonderful enough; boring

  27.—Is Jack in the classroom now?

  —No,he ________ football on the playground.

  A.plays B.played C.is playing D.was playing

  28.―Don't forget to take your bag wh en you ________ the bus.

  ―OK, I won't.

  A.get off B.take off

  C.turn off D.show off

  29.Lily is ________ her pen, but she can't ________ it.

  A.finding; look for B.looking for; find

  C.look for; finding D.looking for; finding

  30.I should go to see a dentist(牙科医生) because I ________.

  A.have a cold B.have a toothache

  C.have a sore back D.have a fever

  31.It's cold outside.________ your sweater before you go out.

  A.Put on B.Turn on C.Put up D.Give up

  32.—________ does your new friend look like?

  —He is tall with short blonde hair and big blue eyes.

  A.How  B.Who  C.What  D.Where

  33.What about ________ at home?

  A.do some reading B.to do some reading

  C.doing some reading D.do any reading

  34.—Excuse me, ________ are the apples?

  —8 yuan a kilo.________ kilos do you want?

  A.how many;How much

  B.how many;How many

  C.how much;How many

  D.how much;How much

  35.—________?—It is Monday.

  A.What's the date?

  B.What day is it today?

  C.What's the time?

  D.What's the weather like today?


  Dear Li Lei,

  How are you? I'm glad to get your ________(36).I'd like to tell you something about my school life.

  In the USA,school ________(37) at 8:00 a.m. I usually get up at 6:50 and then have breakfast. I ________(38) the school bus to school at 7:25.________(39) does school begin in China? How do you go to school? My favorite subject is science ________(40) it's easy and interesting. Which subject do you like ________(41)? School ______ __(42) at 3:30 p.m. After school,it's time ________(43) activities. I like a few kinds of activities,such as(例如) playing ball games,singing,flying kites and so on. But I don't like to dance ________(44).What about you?

  Can you tell me ________(45) about your school life? Write back to me by e­mail soon.



  36.A. photo  B.card  C.e­mail

  37.A. begins B.is beginning C.is opening

  38.A.am taking B.take C.takes

  39.A.Who B.How C.What time

  40.A.so B.because C.or

  41.A.better B.well C.best

  42.A.is over B.is ending C.end

  43.A.to B.for C.with

  44.A.at all B.very well C.a little

  45.A.thing B.something C.nothing



  Mary 09:45:10 a.m.

  Hi,Jim. Nice to meet you!

  I'm a girl. My name is Mary Green. My favorite color is red. My telephone number is 873­3516.

  Jim 09:46:05 a.m.

  Hi,Mary. Nice to meet you,too!

  I'm a boy. My name's Jim Hand. My favorite color is blue. And my telephone number is 894­2015.


  46.Mary likes ________ best.

  A.red  B.green  C.blue  D.black

  47.The girl's last name is ________.

  A.Mary B.Green C.Red D.Yellow

  48.The boy's first name is ________.

  A.Jim B.Hand C.Black D.Green

  49.Jim's telephone number is ________.

  A.837­2015 B.873­3516

  C.894­3516 D.894­2015

  50.The two kids (小孩) are online (在线的) ________.

  A.in the morning B.in the afternoon

  C.in the evening D.at night


  It is Sunday today. I go to the zoo with my parents. The zoo is big. There are many animals in it. We can see monkeys,tigers,lions,zebras,giraffes and so on. The monkeys are from Yunnan. They like fruit. The tigers are from Africa. Their favorite food is meat. The lions are from Africa,too. The giraffes are very tall. They like eating leaves and grass. All the animals are cute(可爱的).I like playing with them. I have a good time in the zoo.

  51.________ go to the zoo on Sunday.

  A.My parents and I

  B.My uncle and my aunt

  C.My parents and my brother

  D.My friends and I

  52.The ________ like fruit.

  A.zebras B.giraffes C.lions D.monkeys

  53.The tigers and the lions are ________.

  A.African B.European

  C.Asian D.American

  54.The giraffes like eating ________.

  A.meat B.fruit

  C.grass and leaves D.vegetables

  55.I ________ in the zoo.

  A.don't play with the animals

  B.am happy

  C.am not happy

  D.play football


  I have an American friend,Cathy. Now she is in Hangzhou,China with her parents. She speaks English very well,but she needs help in Chinese. She is trying to learn and speak it. She often tries to speak Chinese with us,but she still can't speak it well. So we don't understand her sometimes.

  It's Saturday afternoon. Cathy wants to see pandas and monkeys in the zoo,but she doesn't know how to get there. She asks a man and a woman for help. But they don't know what she says. Cathy looks worried. Then she meets a schoolboy,but the boy can't understand her,either. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper from her bag and draws a panda on the paper. She shows the picture to the boy. The boy looks at it,and then tells her the way to the zoo.

  56.The writer sometimes can't understand Cathy because ________.

  A.she comes from America

  B.she do esn't stay in China for long

  C.she can speak English very well

  D.she can't speak Chinese well

  57.Why does Cathy want to go to the zoo on Saturday afternoon?

  A.Because she has no classes on Saturday.

  B.Because she is going to see a Chinese boy.

  C.Because she wants to see pandas and monkeys.

  D.Because she wants to get something new.

  58.The Chinese meaning of the underlined word is ________.

  A.认识 B.遇见 C.理解 D.解释

  59.Cathy draws a picture on the paper in order to(为了)________.

  A.tell the boy where she wants to go

  B.ask the boy how to say “panda” in Chinese

  C.tell the boy something about the dear animal

  D.teach the boy how to draw a picture with a pen

  60.Who te lls Cathy the way to the zoo at last?

  A.Nobody. B.The boy.

  C.The woman. D.The man.


  In China,many students spend their weekends studying at school or doing homework at home.What do the students do at weekends in America?

  Kathy:I often wash people's cars.My friends and I work together.The money from the car washing is for our school basketball team.

  Tom:(61)I usually ________with my friend.The stories in the film make us happy.We always have a good time at the movie theatre.

  Tony:My parents are at work at weekends.(62)Sometimes I stay with my grandmother in the park.We play and talk. She and I are good friends. She likes telling me stories.

  Kitty:I like playing with my computer.(64)I often send e­mails to my friends. They're in other countries.






  63.回答问题:What does Kitty like doing at weekends?







  Halloween(万圣节前夕) comes on ________(66) 31st. It is one of the most favourite holidays for ________(67) in the U.S. They put ________(68) special(特殊的) clothes. Sometimes they dress like kings and queens. Sometimes they dress like ghosts(鬼). They go to ________(69) neighbour's(邻居) house and knock(敲) at the door. When the neighbour opens the door, the children say, “Trick or treat?” The neighbour gives them chocolate or some ________(70).


  71. gift,him,birthday,gave,a,I




  73. pens,those,her,pass,black




  75. (易错题)) match,a, now,be,TV,football,there,on(有一个单词需要变化)




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